Fighting Monarch

I have written before about the use of microwave harassment, used as a false flag attack, through which NSA, DHS, CIA, GCHQ, & MOSSAD induce physical, emotional, and mental symptoms so they can sell the false solutions offered by big pharmaceutical companies, big insurance companies, and big government.

Microwave harassment is easy to spot if you know yourself, your enemy, and their technology.

One way among many is to notice hypnotic suggestions.

Another is to notice the words you choose.

Another is to listen to the sound of your voice.

Another is to pay attention to taste and smell, which are easily manipulable, as described in papers like the one below:  “Modeling the Olfactory Bulb and its Neural Oscillatory Processings.”

Cybernetic hive mind is real, and it is part of the New Normal.

The New World Order implants…

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