Fighting Monarch

Imhotep pioneered brain surgery, as he built the first real pyramid, more than four thousand years ago, so he implanted slaves with the first cybernetics and he broadcast, to their heads, from the first radio tower.

The Egyptians used this technology against Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and Tutankhamun, as their family suffered mysterious glandular deformities, and enlarged skulls, while they brought monotheism to Ancient Egypt as a means to steal enormous amounts of assets.

And Moses was another revolutionary monotheist, who effected an asset strip in Egypt, where he grew up in the pharaoh’s household.

What a coincidence!

Today, the enemy seeks to use the Bible, combined with cybernetics, to mislead gullible believers through PROJECT BLUE BEAM.

It’s not time travel, as advertised in their psy-op Q-ANON.

It’s not aliens, as advertised through AATIP.

It’s what they still call Voice of God Weapons, which they used, as…

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