Fighting Monarch

For roughly two years, I have been taken with Ukrainian culture, as I listen to Cossack music, watch Cossack swordplay, and drink vodka.

This interest has been spurred by mind control, since the New World Order controls not only the television but the internet.

The internet was made by DARPA, and it is nothing but a mind control device.

That’s why video after video promoting the culture of the Ukraine has appeared, when you could find nothing similar on any other former Soviet Socialist Republic.

The Tavistock Institute lies behind it all.

They have been firing up the Cossacks, while they interest people like me, but now they want to repackage them, calling them Ukrainians, as they put down Russia, whom many Ukrainians welcome as a liberator.

Many people in the Ukraine are cheering at the arrival of Russian troops to depose the government that has…

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