Symptoms of Electromagnetic Targeting

Human Rights Watch

I have been asked to provide details of the non consensual experimentation that I have experienced. This is from my latest book …


When I describe the following I want you to think of not only nonconsensual experimentation but also of training exercises, because frankly nothing else makes sense. Who was I? A nobody. Why would anyone want to do this to me? Perhaps there was the angle of silencing an old MKUltra victim, perhaps the lords of England didn’t like me involved with their architectural heritage, perhaps I had witnessed too many strange deaths, perhaps I had business dealings with organized crime and didn’t even know it, perhaps someone didn’t like my nationality, or my religion, or my politics, perhaps someone wanted to sleep with me and I refused, perhaps my devotion to animal rescue made me suspicious, perhaps it was just simple depopulation and enforced communism…

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