Fighting Monarch

Weather weapons are real.

The scum in the deep state have a long and documented history of developing and using weaponized weather.

The Norwegian Spiral Anomaly shows the use of an ionospheric heater to create blizzards for political ends.

And fire whirls are high-tech arson through which the railroads burn people out.

These bizarre events are man-made, and they have enormous political and economic consequences.

There’s a word for them in English.


When the coldest winter in modern European history struck Russia exactly when Germany invaded, we find weaponized weather.

When Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, so the taxpayer could be defrauded out of one billion dollars ($1,000,000,000.00), while people were herded into FEMA CAMPS, we find weaponized weather.

And when the earthquake in Haiti allowed the United States military to invade, and the Clintons to defraud the gullible of billions, we find weaponized…

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